STORM® – “Designed by Nature, Improved by Science”


Above video from a satisfied customer, owner of recent maiden winner Color Cam, Mr. Jeremiah Kane:

“Our first breeze at Palm Meadows was below average (0.51, 4F) and the trainer commented that he looked ‘short’. I purchased STORM and we started him on the supplement when we shipped north to PARX race course. His last breeze at 48.33 (4F) did not tax him a little bit and we went 6.5F on Sunday in a Maiden 25K race (4th race 3/25/12 at Parx). His burst of speed at the sixteenth pole was truly amazing where he overcame 3 lengths and won by 4 “going away”. STORM will be a foundation of supplementation for my thoroughbreds in training.”

*EDIT: (Sept. 5, 2012 9:13am) – As of this time, the one trainer I have with his entire string on STORM is hitting the board at a 74% rate – and out of 6,700+ active US trainers, no one is doing better with more starts. Number 1 out of 6,700!


STORM is an exciting breakthrough for competitive horses, allowing equine athletes to maintain top speed for a few extra seconds by supporting the muscle’s natural ability to buffer the H+ that arises from lactic acid buildup and other biochemical processes in muscle – thereby delaying the onset of fatigue.

Scientists thought years ago that creatine would be this magic bullet, but 3 separate studies have confirmed the equine gut is unable to absorb this compound – that is emphatically NOT the case with the ingredients of STORM – a proprietary formulation that incorporates a specific form of the the amino acid beta-alanine.

Genetics largely dictates the amount of carnosine naturally occurring in your horse’s muscles. Diet provides small amounts of beta alanine to support muscle carnosine synthesis. But prominent British scientists have discovered that the muscles of the horse can carry much more carnosine by supplementing the diet with beta alanine in a sustained and bioavailable form.

Pretty simple: more carnosine equals a greater ability to counteract the muscle acidosis created by lactic acid buildup and other sources of hydrogen ions (H+) that are released during energy generation in muscle cells.

RBJNS-0028-How Does Storm Work infographic (Equus)-v2








Feeding just hay, oats, and water is doing a disservice to your racing stock. We are not allowing these animals to graze in a paddock all day long – we are asking them to train/race and improve physically. All competitive athletes require protein to support such demands, yet horses are vegetarian by nature – often unable to receive proper proteins (amino acids) through typical racehorse diets.

Through STORM supplementation, you can guarantee every horse in your string has the maximal raw materials available to deliver muscle carnosine needed to buffer H+ from lactic acid effectively and hold speed down the stretch. Until now, you had to hope that genetics had blessed you with such an ability. No longer.

STORM comes from Europe and has been in development since 1999 – during that time many 1,000’s of horses in various disciplines have competed while being supplemented with this supplement supported by a suite of global patents. However, early returns have shown STORM to be even more effective in the US, where our racing style is quite different.

Throughout Europe, mainly on turf, the final quarter of a race is always faster than the first – the complete opposite of the US where initial quarters for 6F races routinely go in 22 – and the final quarter in 24. The US style of racing over dirt is harder on horses, and requires quite a bit more lactic acid buffering.


Nothing for the first 3 weeks or so, as the nutritional building blocks need to flood the equine system for a time before the horse’s system responds and increases the synthesis of carnosine. By week 4, feeding 2x 15g per day, you will notice workouts going a tick faster (without increased effort), and your horse will recover much better from both works and races. We are lessening the effect of the acidity in the muscles due to hydrogen ion buildup from lactic acid – this environment is much more comfortable for the horse, resulting in a more powerful stride and less muscular damage due to intense exercise.


Of course, we are talking about amino acids, co-factors and carbohydrates here, nothing sinister. Actually, STORM is an award-winning product in the UK:  winning acclaim for ‘best new supplement’ from UK-based organization of equine experts:

“This supplement is truly innovative and backed by impressive research, including species specific trials,” said the judges. “Without a doubt, it is an extremely beneficial addition to the diet of all performance horses.”

Increased buffering of the H+ from lactic acid is indeed occurring, as in the bicarbonate milkshake, but it’s happening via natural means within the muscle itself, not a short-acting process in the bloodstream that is both testable and illegal.

STORM is the equine equivalent to a human 5k runner having a bowl of cereal with milk before/after a weekend jog.


You see the video of Color Cam above, breaking his maiden in his 6th lifetime start back in March 2012. Here is his DRF info leading up to his first race past a mile, the 6th at Monmouth on 6/9/12 (click to enlarge):

Note that even in a 3rd place effort last time out in at Monmouth, against a very tough field, a clear lifetime best Beyer of 68 was earned. How did he fare in this race? See for yourself:

Choose 6/9/12 and race 6. Color Cam breaks on top (#2) and wires the field. Of course now he’s the betting favorite after a nice 3rd place effort last time out at 18-1. Color Cam is not alone: of 11 starters on STORM this year, 6 have posed lifetime high Beyers thus far.

Currently there is one trainer who has had his entire string on STORM for at least 6 weeks prior to any start. At a cost of $3 per day, any horse making 6 starts per year needs to earn an additional $200 per start to cover the cost of the product. How’s he doing?

2012: 14 starts: 5 wins, 1 place, 4 shows and $5,848 earned per start.
2011: 126 starts: 26 wins, 22 places, 22 shows and $4,698 earnings per start.
+$1,150 per start

All starts for this trainer are horses he had in 2011, and all of this data comes from horses making starts after a 4 month layoff over the winter. 2 of those starters hit lifetime high Beyers in either the 1st or 2nd start off the layoff. All are claimers and allowance stock.

Quite a Return On Investment: Every dollar this trainer spends on STORM comes back to him as $5 and change.

(July 2012 update): We are now 36 starts into this trainer’s 2012 season: 12 wins, 9 seconds, 5 shows.

33% win percentage
72% of starters finishing in the money

These stats compare most favorably to 2011 with 21% winners and 52% hitting the board during that season.


-“My filly has been on Storm for a month when I put my first 3/8ths work into her.  She went an easy 3/8ths in :38 which is about 1.5 seconds quicker than anything she did last year.  I have gotten a good 30 days of consistent work from her which is a big help but there is no doubt that the supplement is making a difference as well.” – East Coast based owner/trainer

-“To keep you up dated on my good horse on STORM, he has been racing real good and last night was 4th in 1:49 in a major stake against younger top NA colts. I have no definitive way of knowing if the supplement is helping or not, but you would think it has to be for him to race at this level at his age of 8 yrs. old against 4 and 5 yrs. olds. ” – from the owner/trainer of a millionaire pacer racing at Mohawk – after 2 injury plagued years on the comeback trail

-Info on an 82-1 shot running 2nd on STORM found here:

-Here’s the stats on another owner who put all his 2012 starters on STORM:

Year Starts Firsts Seconds Thirds $/start
2012 24 9 6 4 $7,067
2011 45 5 5 6 $4,341

Thus far, nearly 2x the wins with about half the starts (compared to 2011) and a huge bump in earnings per start.

-4yo filly, winless for nearly 2 years adds STORM and 6 weeks later gets back to the winner’s circle:

26 Aug 2012

Woodbine 6f Fast Synthetic Flat 1/9

01 Aug 2012

Woodbine 6f Fast Synthetic Flat 4/12

01 Jul 2012

Woodbine 7f Firm Turf Flat 4/14

05 May 2012

Woodbine 6f Fast Synthetic Flat 5/7

13 Apr 2012

Woodbine 6f Fast Synthetic Flat 11/12

31 Jul 2011

Woodbine 7f Firm Turf Flat 7/7

21 May 2011

Woodbine 1m1f Fast Synthetic Flat 6/6

10 Apr 2011

Woodbine 6f Fast Synthetic Flat 6/6

14 Nov 2010

Woodbine 7f Fast Synthetic Flat 5/6

01 Oct 2010

Woodbine 7f Fast Synthetic Flat 1/5


When should I start STORM?
The product needs to be fed throughout the racing season, ideally 4-6 weeks prior to your first timed work of 3F or further.

Why can’t I feed carnosine directly?
Horses cannot digest some proteins, or do so very inefficiently. Two amino acids are at work here: beta-alanine combines with histidine to form carnosine, which is then stored in muscles. Carosine fed directly is just broken down in the gut to beta alanine and histidine, making it an inefficient and expensive way of providing beta alanine as there is plenty of histidine already in the diet – beta-alanine is the weak link in the chain, and STORM addresses this weakness in a form that is well-absorbed and taken up into the muscle.

How does it taste?
STORM is quite sweet, and such a small amount is added to the feed that horses find it highly palatable. Some users make a paste with water and use the syringe, soon finding out that horse’s love the taste as their tongues hang out in anticipation, like when smelling peppermints.

Will STORM help tying-up?
No, but it may help to limit delayed onset muscle damage due to high intensity exercise. Carbonise also regulates calcium in muscle cells which may also help maintain normal muscle contraction.


STORM is available in the USA and all over the racing world either directly from Racing Blue or through a network of local distributors. Depending on volume, STORM costs as little as $3 per day per horse. You can make your purchase securely through the Racing Blue website.  STORM is available in bucket sizes of 3kg (3months supply for 1 horse) or 12kg (12 months supply for one horse)

Or, please feel free to contact me with any questions or for a volume pricing discount coupon to use direct with Racing Blue: or 502-541-5087.

Storm Equus 3kg and 12kg (small)

  1. Wow, carnosine is MUCH more important to a horse than a human:

    Traditionally, the importance of carnosine as a physicochemical buffer in human skeletal muscle has been largely ignored, because various calculations and measurements have designated its relative contribution to only 8–15% of total buffer capacity (Hill et al. 2007; Parkhouse et al. 1985; Hultman and Sahlin 1980). Indeed, in various other vertebrates the HCD contribute more in both absolute and relative terms (Abe 2000). In the middle gluteal muscle of the thoroughbred horse, for example, the carnosine concentration is 6.7-fold higher than in human vastus lateralis, increasing its relative contribution to total buffer capacity to 30.6% (Harris et al. 1990; Sewell et al. 1992).

  2. Simply put: traditional bicarbonate milkshakes buffer lactic acid in the blood, and are short acting, therefore testable pre or post race.

    STORM buffers lactic acid via the muscles (carnosine), and is therefore not detectable in bloodwork. Also, the effects of STORM are present in every training gallop and breeze, after 4-6 weeks of regular 2x daily dosing.

    What happens if you feed a horse carnosine instead of beta-alanine? Nothing.

    In order to form carnosine the horse must combine available beta-alanine and histidine during cellular processes. There is plenty of histidine to go around, beta-alanine is the weak point in this chain – and therefore must be supplemented externally.

  3. This is what thrills me about STORM: we are positively affecting a genetically set parameter, in this case stored muscular carnosine.

    Carnosine, and subsequent buffering of the hydrogen ions introduced from lactic acid during intense muscular contractions, is key to equine performance. Horses are born with genetically determined amounts of the protein, but STORM can guarantee maximal levels through supplementation.

  4. If I understand you correctly, you are stating that racing performance is enhanced, not only by superior conditioning methods you advocate, but also by the addition of STORM to the horses program, the latter through its lactic acid buffering capabilities. In erssence, then, you are advocating what you consider to be a “performance enhancing drug.” I’m a little confused here, but then I’m told that I’m easily confused! Many of us are working towards eliminating drugs from he racing picture and you are here advocating a new and better “milkshake” Am I misunderstanding your concept?

    • STORM is comprised of beta-alanine, an amino acid that is one of the many building blocks of protein. It combines with histidine, another naturally occurring amino acid, in the body – where the end product is carnosine, yet another amino acid that is stored within muscle. No naturally occurring element, such as beta-alanine, is a ‘drug’ in my book, but you are certainly free to anoint it as such. Beta-alanine is also found in any performance horse’s diet, just in very minute amounts.

      All athletes take extra protein (amino acids) in their diets, either through eating chicken breasts or taking a powder/pill supplement – in order to facilitate muscle repair. STORM is added twice a day to the feed ration and takes 4-6 weeks to exert any noticeable performance effects.

      I liken the effects to the ‘milkshake’, because that is a commonly known performance enhancer. In fact, it worked so well it is now illegal. STORM works better than the milkshake, is not tubed down a horses gullet, is comprised of elements found in nature, and therefore will never be designated illegal.

      It’s precisely the same as eating a bowl of cereal before you go for a run in the morning. I am also anti-Lasix and anti-Bute, for the record.

    • Here is detail on an award presenting to STORM over in the UK from a panel of equine experts:

      You won’t see any real drug such as Lasix earn such respect.

  5. I thought we were supposed to be eliminating any drugs or aids in racing that would give one horse an edge over another…?

    • You need to read all the details, this is a protein and carbohydrate formula, 100% natural and just happens to aid performance. STORM is an award-winning product from the UK, where raceday drugs are not allowed. STORM makes the demands of racing easier on a horse by supporting cellular processes with the natural building blocks of nutrition.

      Why would I forbid you from eating a bowl of cereal with milk prior to racing in a 5K?

  6. C Dunnett (Nutritionist)

    Racing Blue STORM provides beta alanine in a form that can be easily absorbed from the horses’ gut and taken up into muscle. Beta alanine is an amino acid like lysine or methionine and so is a nutrient and certainly not a drug.

    Like other micronutrients such as selenium or vitamin E, the level of beta alanine found in the horses’ natural diet is very low and so supplementing the diet daily with STORM is beneficial to optimise intake. We dont think twice about fortifying sweet feeds or top dressing with supplements containing selenium or vitamin E, both of which support exercise performance. Selenium is vital for the proper function of a number of antioxidant enzymes that are needed to support the physiological processes involved in exercise.

    Going back to STORM, it provides a vital nutrient building block to allow horses to make carnosine in their muscle. Carnosine is important because it means that horses can better tolerate or manage lactic acid both during training and racing. Horses obviously have the genetic potential to produce more carnosine, they just dont have enough of the raw material in their diet and so supplementing with STORM makes sense .

  7. Please would you reply to whether your product “Storm” is available in Australia and if so who is the distributor. Also it has been my understanding that in horses lactic acid isn’t of consequence until two minutes of exercise.


    • Hi Steve, Dr. David Evans carries STORM in Australia, I believe:

      Please tell him I sent you and if he can’t help, I can ship to you from the US. Duration of exercise is only one variable dictating lactic acid buildup in horses, pace is also paramount. Going full speed, lactic acid begins to accumulate within 30-40sec. Of course, if only trotting – you can do that for a looooong time with no lactic acid consequences.

      Hope this helps!-

  8. Hello, I am a buyer for a Equine Retail Store, A.A. Callisters. Do you wholesale your storm product? I have a customer requesting we carry it. Thank you,

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