About ThoroEdge

The primary tools of our trade are simple: onboard equine heart rate monitors with GPS units – from which we gather information during exercise – how intense the horse is working (heart rate) vs. how much work he is accomplishing (speed and distance).

Our sole focus is to optimize thoroughbred performance on the racetrack. To that end, we believe that the addition of modern technology and the science of equine exercise physiology gives our clients an edge over those who strictly practice the art of horsemanship alone.

You may notice in the header 3 images from Leonardo Da Vinci; a horse in motion scribbled in one of his famous notebooks, the powerful bust of an equine sculpture, and the famous Vitruvian Man – an image that exemplifies the blend of art and science during the Renaissance period.

ThoroEdge believes that ultimate thoroughbred performance blends the art of traditional horsemanship with the science of exercise physiology.

Contact founder Bill Pressey:
Lexington, KY

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  1. Good morning Bill, I had a conversation with you and Eric yesterday from Fairhill. We certainly enjoyed seeing Animal Kingdom train! We are putting together a number of presentations for the Fairhill International in October. It is so refreshing to read your articles on training! The race horse industry needs to embrace this technology to maximize performance and minimize injury. I look forward to meeting and working with you.
    Nancy White- Polar Technology Trainer

    • Hi Nancy, it was nice to speak with you as well. I think we will do some great things up in MD this fall. I am in the process of doing some pretty extensive work collecting HR and lactate data on a few hundred yearlings headed towards the KEESEPT sale, so if you make it up to KY in the next few months – we should have plenty of good stuff for you to see-

  2. Phillip Haycock

    Hi Bill
    Im not sure where there correct place is to put this. So Ill make it a breif message to your for interest stake. Its a link to to Utube clip of a K Derby week horse been shod. Im not sure what Kentucky Derby week is but it aludes to some fine horses racing as a build up to the big race. If you are not familia with the finer points of pricision horse shoeing I surggest you get a top farrier to look at this clip. Maybe this is in part why your horses are breaking down. One thing is for sure, the horse in the clip wont run far. Its a nice horses from what I can see. This bloke claims to have shod last years Derby winner.Is this the American way??http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzwRvC19XoE&feature=player_detailpage

  3. Do you offer this service for other racing breeds?

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