New Polar Equine RC3 HR/GPS just $359 and Much Improved


Oftentimes a new product is released and the reaction is ‘ho-hum’; but not this time at Thoroedge. Pictured above is the whole shooting match: the newest Polar Equine RC3 HR/GPS is just a watch and a strap – no GPS armband, no software to load, and no IR stick for download. Fantastic! And….a much easier online interface from which to share data with advisors/owners/trainers.

Perhaps best of all, with no separate GPS piece, the retail price is down under $400ea.

My second favorite enhancement deals with analyzing the data. Previously it could be a pain to load via the IR interface, plus it required both the IR/USB accessory, the small driver disk for that, and the software loaded from a CD. Now, all online:

I believe there is also an App for both Apple and Android, but I haven’t tried that yet. One potential stumbling block is that I often need to download several separate sessions for several horses ridden by one rider. Not sure how that will turn out, but there is likely a work-around as before.

In the past for a user halfway around the world to share this data with me in Kentucky, the process involved several cumbersome steps – nearly impossible to explain over the phone, often with a language barrier. Now simply create the profile, upload your data, and email me the log-in information. There is probably a better way to share as the site is set up for both coaches and athletes, but I haven’t yet gotten in that deep.

EDIT: So far, so good. Multiple files from several horses on one watch over one morning downloaded absolutely flawlessly. Let’s hope the electrodes perform as well over the next few months and in inclement weather. Screenshot of taking my dogs for a short walk/jog (click to enlarge):



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  1. Does Polar have a program to overlay HR/GPS data on to a video?

  2. Bill, speaking of gadgets…. have you received your Recon Jet glasses yet?

  3. Bill–interesting use of heart rate monitors in this gym. near end of post!

  4. oops–here it is. if link fails to work, it’s this week’s T-nation.

    • I’ve seen these classes in a few gyms RR. Polar has a ‘team’ system where a whole class can be strapped up and show real-time HR values on giant plasma screen. Quite telling. I did this once with the women’s basketball team at Louisville, and recently the men’s team at Kentucky did the same. Those coaches use the data to point out who isn’t ‘giving it their all’. 20 min of IT daily is better than 20 hours of steady state cardio over a 20 day period by leaps and bounds. Speaking of IT, had a lame filly named Light Weight (appropriately) do a quick IT session twice on the AQU backside the last few weeks. She next starts Thursday the 17th in AQU race 1.

      • Interesting–“who isn’t giving their all”…lol! Re the cardio steady state work–maybe we can put Ivers style long gallops to rest. I’d figured this on my own without any science going through Ivers program twice–although it produced very fit animals over a long long period of time. Also–have for years considered two mile slower gallops with accelerations thrown in. Never did that, although the concept is interesting. Give us a report on Light Weight! and exactly what she did. Is it true we’ve got younger trainers coming up who are more knowledgeable?

      • Actually, old school trainer getting back to his roots! Same guy behind the My Donna Jean post from a few weeks back, RR. On the human side; its known that the acceleration from 80-100% speed is where the ‘magic’ happens, but not known precisely why. That is the impetus behind the ‘flying’ starts so common in interval training for sprinters.

      • She breezed 3F down the AQU backside in front of her trainer, and the others. Galloped out a bit, jogged all the way back to the chute. Played around for 20min with her female rider. Then repeated the 3F, flying to a bullet work in 37 under a huge hold. She’s too unsound to work 6F in a row, so we divvied it up. Races 5.5F on Thursday.

  5. Bill, are you selling the new rc3 heart rate monitor? If not, where can i get one for that price?

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