Thoroedge Clients Dominate Arabian Darleys, plus some Tom Ivers


I can count the number of US-based customers of Thoroedge on 2 hands, yet we were well represented at the recent Darley Arabian Awards in Hollywood, CA. Above is the undisputed star of the show:

So Big Is Better (Burning Sand x WW Mirror IMage by ZT Ali Babba) the winner of 25 firsts in 54 starts and the the winner of the 2013 Santa Anita President’s Cup Breeders’ Cup, commandeered Older Horse (born, 2004)  and the coveted Horse of the Year Award. He is now retired to stud.

He is owned by Mark Powell, and trained by brother Scott Powell – quite an interesting dynamic! First brother Mark receives the award for Best Owner:

Naturally, brother Scott follows accepting the trophy for Best Trainer:


Scott is a devotee of the late Tom Ivers, which is a great coincidence as blog reader John from Ireland recently found a complete online presentation of an Ivers’ work entitled: ‘Optimized Nutrition for the Athletic Horse’-

Much more on this in the future as a blog commenter from Ireland named Colm has done some remarkable work into glycogen loading and thoroughbred performance. Scott, myself, and countless others owe Mr. Ivers a debt of gratitude for his pioneering work in the field of applied equine exercise physiology.

Scott amazingly also trained top older mare, Ms Dixie, as well as top older filly Mahra T. If you haven’t already seen the video and read the story behind So Big is Better’s recent Breeder’s Cup win then here you go again:

Whenever I encounter setbacks working in this sport, I re-watch the above video as it never fails to bring me out of the doldrums, and I have the Brothers Powell and So Big is Better to thank for that never-ending gift. Thanks fellas.


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