ESSI – Scientific Racehorse Conditioning in KY


Just outside of Lexington, ESSI opens their doors to the public – featuring several turf gallops (1 uphill), a 5F training oval, turnout paddocks, and a high speed treadmill imported from Australia.

More here:

Full HR/GPS/blood lactate monitoring in real-time, controlled workouts on treadmill, STORM supplementation for all, etc.

I could go on and on, but really all you need to know is found on their website.

A few times each month I hear from owners asking where they can send horses for this kind of treatment – and here is a brand new option in KY. Where better to get started with this stuff than a facility under the careful eye of the man who literally wrote the book on the subject back in 2000:

Training and Fitness in Athletic Horses, by Dr. David Evans:



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  1. Have to say this set up looks absolutely fantastic. One thing that is never mentioned when people discuss the benefits of using treadmills on horses is the labour cost savings a stable can achieve. In the UK a stable with 40 horses will probably have between 15-20 full time members of staff. Horses will be ridden out in groups of ‘lots’. If for example only 20 of those horses are being ridden out every day with the remainder exercising/galloping on a treadmill this has to reduce the level of full time workers a stable needs. Even accounting for qualified staff to oversee a treadmill session, in the example I have given I would forecast a 20-30% reduction in stable staff.

    Trainers are businessmen/women first and foremost. If it can be shown that treadmill training in conjunction with some track work/gallop work achieves even the same results as ‘conventional’ training methods I believe some will move in this direction purely for cost reasons.

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