Shared Belief, Eclipse Winner

Congrats to the 2yo gelding and winner of 3 juvenile starts by 19+ total lengths. Check out that video above, that box is a Class IV laser and Laserman (Steve Bourmas) is demonstrating a small portion of a photobiostimulation massage session. More here:

Hmm, trainer Jerry Hollendorfer hires this guy to attend to his Hollywood/Santa Anita string and immediately starts having some of his greatest successes in the state outside of No Cal. Could just be a coincidence?

Racing, and training, repeatedly around only left hand turns will imbalance even the most conformationally correct racehorses. Hell, NASCAR drivers need full pit-crews to change tires that wear unevenly during races around the oval, shouldn’t every barn have someone similar keeping racehorses in balance?

I’ve read it somewhere in the past with respect to human athletes; something like a 10% difference in strength and/or flexibility between your right and left sides leads to a 600% increased chance of injury. (I am paraphrasing)

Horseracing is unnatural. Hay, oats, and water alone is not sufficient to develop optimal equine performance. Here’s hoping several more ‘Lasermen’ are haunting the backsides of our great tracks in the years to come.


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  1. Bill, you’d be surprised at the ‘little’ things that can enhance the wellbeing and performance of a racehorse. i.e. watch any race where the horse blows the turn or is running with his head cocked to one side – trainer needs to find a good dentist. My husband has corrected so many issues by just balancing the mouth.

    BTW did you know that between the age of 2 1/2 years and 4 1/2 years (basically, a racehorse’s entire career) they are shedding 24 baby teeth?

    • Even top geneticists admit that racing performance is only 20-35% inheritable, the rest is environmental; shoeing, dentistry, feed, conditioning, reading the condition book, etc. Yet breeding and pedigree gets 99% of the attention and resources.

  2. On my farm, here in south Florida, my horses train both ways, young and old alike. Whenever I get a horse from someone else it is amazing how hard it is for the horse to train to the right.

    • I can imagine Don. I’ve often felt you FL trainers do a great job with respect to speedwork frequency, growing strong bones and ligaments/tendons. Sadly, once those 2yo leave your farm they never see that frequency of skeletal stimulation again, undoing much of your hard work. Do you see/feel the same as I with respect to that?

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