The Quarter Horse Project


A youngsters legs above and below is a video of 2 quarter horses sprinting a final 2F down the lane after a mile gallop in Colorado at 6,000 feet above sea level: (sorry for the cell phone video, hope it comes through good on your end)

These babies just turned 2yo, as in 40 hours ago, and went through a thoroughbred style preparation in accord with the most popular post ever on this blog:

They are to be turned out for a few weeks here in January, then re-start preparations for the trials later this spring.

Trainer/owner quotes:

“In the past I would gallop them slow n long for a long time then whenever I’d work them fast they usually get sore. Mine also used to get tired real easily at altitude but now they seem very fit and recover very quickly.

The grey filly is just 18 months old the black one is 22 months old; so far no injuries and no lameness. This early in the year and they are working like an older, sound veteran racer.

I will continue the twice a week sessions as I’ve had very good results with it.

On Friday instead of galloping a full mile they only galloped a half and then we paired them up for a blast (video above). They came out hardly breathing hard at all and when I put them in the walker to cool off they were jumping and playing.”

I’ve never really contemplated QH training before now, as I figured the race was so short that conditioning may play a lesser role than in the TB game. But the more I think about it: quarter horses never run when tired – races range from 9-20 seconds in length and training is rarely over a mile. These sprinters should be more sound than 6F-10F horses, if bones/tendons are conditioned appropriately early on as in this example. Stay tuned.

2/20/14 update:

“Hey bill just to let u know my futurity filly just worked 250 yds out of the gate and beat two others by two lengths and came out hardly breathing hard.”

– work officially timed from gate in 13.81 for the 250 yards, ranking 30/95 at that distance on that day.


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  1. good stuff, bill!

    sending u the below link because I have just started consuming whey protein for the first time. am surprised how much stronger I feel. Sometimes combine with creatine, and additional strength. Caused me to consider feeding whey protein to horses along with some of the other ingredients on your blog. interesting things in this link.
    (if ur unable to open link–go to Life Extension. Put Whey protein in search box and scroll to the 9/13 Life Extension magazine article on benefits of Whey. Surprising stuff there.

  2. Hey RR, glad to see you back from KC. I’ve used whey and creatine for going on 20 years off and on. I find about a 5lb water weight gain associated with creatine and of course increased power in the weight room. Creatine hasn’t yet been successfully proven to be absorbed in the equine gut, however – but a know a few EU researchers who should soon have a fix (altering the PH I think.)

    A double dose of creatine and whey with some simple carbs post-QH workout should do wonders for recovery and strength. Especially in those ‘bucking’ the trend like this fellow and working his twice weekly.

  3. Greg Kilgour

    Thanks for the above article Bill. Any chance that you could put me in contact with the trainer of those horses so we could compare notes. QH’s are trained a lot differently than that here in Australia, and I really like what this guy is doing.

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