Breeder’s Cup Winners Go to Auction Ring


My favorite time of the year – when ultra fit BC champions find themselves in the sales ring here in Lexington the very following week. Above is Groupie Doll selling for $3.1 million and I believe Mizdirection is also coming up this week. The chance to see a top class sprinter in 100% shape and groomed to sell is a treat for the eyeballs, she looks like a sculpture for crying out loud – and so well behaved, mercy. I got goosebumps standing beside her as she walked into the ring.

Kudos to trainer/owner Buff Bradley and family. They have struck gold twice now, with this mare and with multimillionaire gelding Brass Hat, and I hope they find another gem here shortly. Class, class, class acts. Did anyone catch his emotional reaction after her win at Santa Anita? Even winners can get heartbroken at this game, but to stay alive smaller farms have to take the money when it’s on the table.

Not been writing for a while, but some good stuff coming up. Had 2 big winners at the Breeders Cup last weekend; both on STORM and one doing some very interesting things in addition to the supplement. Press release going out worldwide this week, but I am going to add some pics and video to the story before posting here. One group of connections have given me permission to blog details, but the other shall remain nameless/faceless. It’s tough to finally sell a product you believe in – yet have it work so well that satisfied customers refuse to tout it to the competition – oh well, I guess there are worse problems to have.

One client in Australia recently purchased a treadmill, so exciting work there in the future. Also received a newly published study from Japan ‘proving’ that adding high speed work on a treadmill to a 2yo conditioning program improves athletic development and does not increase lameness. Details to come on that as well.


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  1. Hey Bill; glad to see another post on your blog. Was starting to think you had writers cramp!! Will look forward to the info on STORM you have gleamed from your BC winning connections. Must be super cool to see such well conditioned equine athletes up close and personal at the sale.

    • thanks Murray, hope things are good for you up in Canada. I heard from Brian last week, looked like he picked the perfect time to move to So Cal – he texted me from Santa Anita.

  2. Hi Bill
    I will be interested to see what the 2YO speed on treadmills study says about rim shoes and speed work on the treadmill.
    My view is that’s its suicide and either bare feet, boots or some sort of carefully managed frog support is vital.
    This opinion comes from experience at 1:28 pace workouts in 4YOs on a good mill.
    2YOs are only half as resilient.

  3. Received 3 two year olds two weeks ago that have been in a high speed treadmill training program. Following some basic schooling they are ready to start byweekly breeze schedule.
    They have been going to gate and breaking from standing start in middle of track. So. Far I
    am very impressed with there mental and physical condition. Looking to early racing at Tampa.

  4. study of treadmill or not – the fact remains that a horse must not be treated as a matter.
    For me they may bring all treadmills to the recycling factory.

    • Perfect surface every time, precise control of speed, limitless degrees of elevation, training in bad weather, no rider error, horses can’t run off…yeah what a piece of junk these treadmills are. Like it or not, a horse is an athlete – and athletes perform better (with less injury) when SUPPLEMENTING (not replacing) training trackwork with treadmill usage. An upcoming post will detail horses receiving massage work also improve racetrack results and lower rates of injury.

  5. What is a “matter” ( B Love)

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