Gently Used High Speed Treadmill and Hypoxic Unit Available

Above is the actual machine in operation near Paris, KY. Only used a handful of times and retailing for $115,000 this model from Equigym is now available for purchase, please contact the owner directly – as all offers will be considered:

Dana Soucy, Sapphire Creek Farm

And here is a brief video of the machine in action:

And if you are the adventurous type, here is a revolutionary piece of equipment that provides Intermittent Hypoxic Training:

Again all reasonable offers will be considered, unit retails for $35k.
Just what the hell is this contraption?

A while back I wrote about how the 2 longest shot Kentucky Derby winners of the modern era both had altitude training in common:

In some countries, this can be managed due to huge geographical differences in elevations between training center and racetracks, but that is mostly impossible in the US outside of New Mexico.

However, Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT)  has a host of benefits outside of conditioning racehorses, most of which I must confess I never considered.

1. You can acclimatize horses prior to significant air travel.

2. You can enhance the reproductive process in mares and foals by stimulating oxygen metabolism.

3. You can mitigate some of the damage due to EIPH. Remember, even racing with Lasix doesn’t always completely stop pulmonary bleeding.

See the system in action here:

As with the treadmill, please contact the owner directly with any offers. Here is the contact info:

Leonie Seesing, Equigym

I firmly believe that in the future we will develop the next Secretariat through advances in technology applied to veterinary care and the conditioning process, rather than wait for the genetic lotto balls to magically appear.



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  1. Phillip Haycock

    Hi Bill
    The Hypoxic conditioning concept is one that I’ve recently experienced firsthand and was a learning experience.
    Long story short,
    I’m 48YO and have always had good natural fitness.
    My working day typically includes 10-15 km of walking, climbing, lifting etc.
    5 years ago I got adult asthma which I’ve had to manage.
    Recently I found that my work was becoming much more difficult and I was continually struggling for breath on the stairs. This happened over a few months.
    The doctor measured my lung function at 46-47%
    He prescribed Prednisone. One week up and one week taper.
    This stuff opened my airways to the point where I was physically untouchable, super charged. I’m not sure what my lung function went to but it was probably 100%.
    Then the unexpected happened. In using this new power all my muscle’s began to ache like Id just run 5 miles off the back of a couch buildup.
    This pain continued until Id become conditioned to the new level of work.
    My conclusion is that my stamina and muscles only developed to the level of available O2 and when supplied with more O2 they weren’t fit to handle it.
    So it would be may opinion that an athlete should be built at sea level and have their RCV enhanced over a short time to achieve specific goals e.g race.
    This of course is what this Hypoxia unit does, compared to the concept of training for extended periods at high altitude

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