Chile: Stallion Wanted


Think those Moai know a good stallion prospect? Easter Island has always fascinated me, but for some odd reason it surprised me to realize that this rocky outcropping 2,100 miles from continental South America is a special territory annexed by Chile. It does have a closer neighbor, as about 50 people live on Pitcairn Island – 1,300 miles to the West. Even further West, another several hundred miles, lies Palmyra Atoll – roughly 1,000 miles south of Hawaii – scene of a real-life murder mystery detailed in a cool book by Vincent Bugliosi:

How the hell does one get murdered on an uninhabited desert island? Crazy.

Back to the task at hand. I know a gentleman in Chile who has a group of breeders interested in purchasing an American stallion for permanent stud duty in South America. Budget is always a concern, and these fellows can spend around US$100,000 for a resident stallion prospect (no shuttling), or perhaps would consider renting a stud for the breeding season. Scat Daddy has been a rousing success thus far.

A Kentucky-bred is preferred, and most current standing studs in Chile are not graded stakes winners – so even G3 black type would be a plus from the marketing side. Please submit any possibilities to me via email at and I will put you in touch with my connections. Thanks!


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  1. Hi John O’ Meara at Milestone Farm in Lexington Ky would like to get in contact with you 859-621-7662- Thanks

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