Finally: An App for Trainers with Real-Time HR/GPS: Here’s ClockItEQ


2013 has been an exciting time for new HR/GPS technology, and here comes a solution tied into the I-phone App craze. I’ve had one famous US trainer, a household name with big time stock, ask me when he could stand trackside with his I-pad and get real-time HR/GPS data on his training horses, and ClockItEQ promises to fill that desire.

In my job, teaching trainers how to use equipment remotely, and send me the results via email, has been frustrating on its best days. Unless they are heavily invested, both financially and intellectually, in the concepts of HR/GPS monitoring and exercise physiology, the task can prove too time-consuming for a busy stable. Integration of the gear into a training program along with timely transfer of data to me here in Kentucky is the goal. Enter ClockItEQ.

I’ve already downloaded the free App onto my I-pad and I-phone, and this morning ordered my I-phone 4S compatible strap. If you have an earlier version of an Iphone, there is a small ANT+ antenna to purchase as well. Total startup cost under US$200, and the product ships from Australia.

Here are some screenshots:


This is how I understand the workflow:

  1. Jock/rider downloads Jockey App onto his I-phone. (Or trainer gives his to rider).
  2. App is started, and zipped up into any pocket, rider doesn’t need access.
  3. Compatible HR strap is affixed to horse, under girth.
  4. During workout, data is recorded and transmitted to Trainer’s App-enabled Iphone/Ipad trackside. If headsets are employed, trainer can communicate desires to rider up.
  5. Afterwards, data is stored online for further sharing/analysis.

The solution uses the built-in GPS common to modern I-phones. Genius. Thus far, in order to setup any track, you have to walk to each timing pole with your phone. Remote set-up via Google Earth is around the corner, I am told. Each workout session within the App incurs a fee. There is volume pricing available, and current costs are under $2 per session. Thus far, no Android version is available.

I’ll report back later with my experiences here locally. Anyone else out there want to give it a shot? – I’ll be glad to help at NO COST. My goals are evolving a bit; these days I find myself with images of a racing jurisdiction (perhaps Hong Kong) where all trainees and race entries are required to wear HR/GPS gear, and data is recorded/analyzed much like Past Performances – but adding the all-important dimension of heart rate/level of aerobic effort/recovery. Owners/trainers benefit, as well as handicappers and track ownership.

A guy can dream, right?

For more info:


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  1. So, now all they need is an Android version of their apps plus this nifty little device, and then they’ll REALLY have a product to sell. My wife and I both use Android phones.

    • Hi Jared – ClockItEQ does offer an ANT+ adapter on their site, but one must have an ANT+ compatible HR monitor. They are out there, but I don’t believe my Polar qualifies. I’m sure Android is coming. I commandeered my wife’s I-phone for this project, as I am a Blackberry guy myself.

      • Bill, I have the Garmin 310XT watch, which came with an ANT+ monitor, plus I purchased the V-MAX adapter kit for equine use, so far, so good with both. (Purchased from So, if and when they come out with the Android version of this app, I’ll just need the ANT+ Android adapter I mentioned in my previous comment. I even have a Bluetooth GPS/GLONASS adapter for my iPad to give it true GPS capability, but the rider device must be cellular in order to transmit real-time, unless the tracks miraculously have Wi-Fi antennae positioned around the tracks. In that case, an iPad or iPod Touch could be used.

        Here is the Garmin ANT+ monitor and belt: You won’t need the belt for the horse.

        V-MAX Adapter kit:

        I like the Distance Depot and V-MAX because they offer all the replacement parts, which, individually, are very low-cost to replace if needed.

        One other very important point… I hope the software will give you the option of switching from metric units of distance/speed to English units. Do you know if this is the case?


      • Oh I see, I didn’t realize the ANT+ module was specific to either MAC or Android, now I know – thanks. Yes, I do believe English units are an option. All systems in use currently are either in AU or EU, to my knowledge.

  2. Phillip Haycock

    This is great Bill
    What Id love is for you to find the best Combo of hardware and App, test it and tell me which one to get.
    It seems to me that Polar are reluctant to play the game.
    Im getting good results from my cat eye but a good smart phone system would be attractive also if it included software that enabled me to save to my PC and view on a good monitor.
    These days I place one electrode very slightly to the off side of the sternum and the other high on the off shoulder.
    My friend who is a cardio vascular surgeon informs me this lower electrode is close to the pointed part at the bottom of the heart.

    • I’ll let you know Phillip, my strap should be here next week and I will run out to my local training center. Also, for the Sept. fall meet, I have a major client bringing a dozen into Churchill Downs, where I can do much more in-person testing.

      That is my problem; finding a system that a trainer who is being forced to use one by his owner can implement quickly and without frustration, that ALSO gets me the data easily. Not as simple as it sounds, unfortunately.

      I’m told electrode placement is not that important, as long as one is near the heart. Then again, I’m not looking for EKG quality. I’ve even seen the ground electrode 6-8 inches above the heart with the Polar and good results.

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