$3.99 E-Book Alert: Legendary US Trainer ‘Sunny Jim’ Fitzsimmons


For a limited time; this biography of the only trainer to win 2 Triple Crowns is available digitally for just $3.99, discounted from a regular price point of $14.99 (the paperback seems to run $29+!).

I just grabbed my copy today (Sunday, July 14, 2013 at 1:38pm Eastern time), but my experience tells me it may not last long, perhaps another day or two.





Did you know this trainer initially had Seabiscuit in his stable, but gave up on him? You may understand why upon reading this book authored by Pulitzer Prize winner Jimmy Breslin.

New to E-books? Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble can help you out, even if you have no dedicated e-reader or tablet, you can download a free program for your PC or laptop. On Apple? Their I-bookstore is not too popular, but they offer a Kindle app, which is what I use.

I will be sure to take notes and post a review when I finish it, but in the meantime I want to talk about the revolution taking over the book publishing industry, of which I am intimately familiar.

This temporary $3.99 sale is a prime example of the flexibility of digital publishing. Apple just lost their case vs. the US government where it was proven they conspired with traditional paperback publishers to artificially inflate the e-book price for new releases. Amazon was on the winning side; their discounting of digital best sellers to $9.99 was the fuse that lit the powderkeg a few years ago.

Simply put, the distribution of a digital book costs a fraction of a cent when compared to the paperback model: but who benefits from that cost savings? Apple and the Big 6 (now 5) NYC publishing houses wanted to keep those extra billions for themselves, but Amazon wanted to pass the savings borne out of distribution efficiencies unto the end customer, or reader. Amazon won. Hooray.

Now, how this relates to yours truly. My wife, Rose Pressey, is a fiction writer, she wrote 6 novels over 4 years and through 3 agents received 500+ rejections from potential publishers from 2007-2011. Many remarked that her writing was superb, but that her market was too small. She writes for women 99% of the time; but no overt violence, little cursing, and relatively clean books overall. Not traditionally a big seller, in other words.

Finally she published her first book on Amazon and Nook in April of 2011. Since that time she has published 16 full length novels and sold nearly 200,000 copies of her work. Over 1,000 readers have left positive reviews on Amazon; and eventually a big NYC publisher came knocking on HER door offering paperback representation!

I am so proud of her, she is afflicted with crippling arthritis at a very young age – and created a massively successful career for herself while sitting at her laptop, which really was her only option. She prices her books from $0.99 through $3.99 and sells enough copies to compete with the big boys and girls. And she is not the only one doing so, many so-called ‘independent’ authors populate the online bookstores and provide quality work at a fraction of the prices charged by the household names, and quite often they turn out new work several times a year. Many of the more established indie authors, like my wife, outsource professional cover design and editing, just like more traditional writers. Quality is not lacking, only the price! Best of all, this new breed of author is forcing the big publishing houses to offer better pricing, as in this case.

I know from my blog stats that over 100 countries send visitors to this site. Amazing. I also know that the US is far and away the leader in e-book sales. If you are reading this from another country, know that the technology is coming to your shores – and although it may be intimidating at first, in the long run there is ample room in your library for books on your hard drive. (Sad to say, you may not be able to take advantage of this current Sunny Jim book deal. Fingers crossed for you.)

Browse from home, choose a book at a great price, download, and be reading it in under 20 seconds. Best of all, Amazon and Nook are full of thousands of free books, new releases as well as the classics. Enjoy!

P.S. Please leave a comment if you take advantage of this deal, I’m curious as to both the reach of my blog as well as the degree to which readers are comfortable with digital delivery of material. Also, that will remind me to make a note when the price is no longer $3.99.


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  1. delroy budham

    as of 7/15 it is stil $3.99 thanks for the info

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