Niagara Equissage to the Rescue, Again


We’ve got this filly who keeps hitting herself in the front legs when she runs over the training track. Doesn’t happen at a gallop, but always happens when we approach, and go past, the 15sec/furlong barrier. Not huge gashes mind you, but enough to be uncomfortable. We put the rundown patches on, and she even hit herself above them. Frustrating.

Enter Niagara Equissage.

You may recall a post I did a few years back detailing how this ‘massage saddle’, (as it is referred to on the backstretch), helped me get a horse back to the winner’s circle:

Well, we’re not at that point yet with this youngster, but we are certainly closer now that we solved the run-down problem. We began using the device 3 times a day for 20 minutes at a time: immediately before the daily exercise, immediately after the cool down, and again in mid-afternoon just because she likes it.

First fast gallop – no more front leg injuries. None, just gone. Quite a relief, as often these seemingly minor cuts in training can lead to grabbing a quarter on raceday, something it’s wise to avoid as the downtime/risk of infection can be a pain to the horse as well as the owner’s wallet.

No more leg interference then led to some faster works: last 3F from the gate in a respectable :37 flat for this Indiana-bred with questionable bloodlines.

*Interestingly enough, one morning the trainer couldn’t get his truck to start, so he hopped in his car to make the drive to the training center, leaving the Niagara Equissage behind in his trunk. She again cut herself that morning during an open gallop finishing in just :30 for 2F down the lane. You gotta be kidding me!*

Here is a diagram showing all the physiological systems that cyclonic vibration can help improve, and I can certainly attest to the ‘improved joint mobility’ aspect.


Getting those shoulder joints nice and loose allows my filly to get out of her own way and avoid injury – after this experience I agree with trainer Michael Matz:

“The Niagara Equissage is great for warming up and relaxing horses before daily training. We use it for pre-race warm up and for post-race stiffness. We also find that it works great on fillies that tie up.”

More info here:



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  1. Do you think the equissage and vibration plate therapy are equally effective, is one better than the other?

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