The Future is Now: Do You Want In?


Now, that’s impressive! Video, workout fractions, stride length, and HR/GPS data all available online for viewing by owners/trainers/investors in real-time! Your trainer simply uses the special girth attachment, there is no other equipment to manage nor any computer skills required.

Here’s the link if you care to explore further:

What does the little piece of technology that makes this possible look like? Amazingly, just a simple addition to the traditional girth strap:


The technology is courtesy of Gmax Technology Ltd: , who are currently looking to raise investment and for lead customers.

For more information contact Gmax through their website or David Gregory at


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  1. Hey Bill : this new product looks great. A nice upgrade on the Current HR technology we are using. Have you had a chance to use it?

  2. Phillip Haycock

    Good stuff Bill.
    Its great to see this side of horsemanship becoming mainstream.
    By rights, five years from now at this rate we should see the results of this type of work coming through.
    It may show itself as faster times or longer working lives of racehorses.
    One aspect that goes hand in hand with improvements in training methods and systems is shoeing for training and racing, particularly with regard to treadmill work but also on the track, dirt, synthetic and turf.
    I for one would be interested to see this aspects and secrets of horse training brought to the fore.

  3. Hi everyone. Anyone got David Gregory contacts beside email? interested in HR/GPS product. no response from Gmax

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