Attention Aussies: 2013 Kentucky Derby Tour Fast Approaching


Thoroedge has agreed to help host a group of horsemen from Down Under at this year’s classic American race. See the itinerary here and contact Geoff if interested:

Personally I’m looking forward to meeting tour attendee Joe Janiak; certainly the most famous ‘taxi cab driver turned racehorse trainer’ worldwide. Thanks to reader Anni for sending me the book about Mr. Janiak which details his handling of super sprinter/gelding Takeover Target – a $1250 purchase by Joe who went on to earn $6 million worldwide, winning major stakes in 4 countries. For a conditioning enthusiast like myself, being able to pick his brain for several hours next April here on my home turf is going to be fantastic-



‘Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet, they’re about to announce the lottery numbers…’

That’s my favorite quote from Mr. Simpson teaching his son about the ways of the world, yet he didn’t leave out his daughter when handing out advice: ‘Lisa, if you don’t like your job you don’t strike. You just go in every day and do it really half-assed. That’s the American way.’

But, back to business. As promised over a year ago; I am still working on my book called Internal Horsemanship, and hope to have it ready before my 43rd birthday on March 14th. The electronic version will always be free, but I do plan on offering a paperback edition – and I need some help with the cover and other illustrations. One of which I would like to resemble the above of Homer (but with a galloping horse viewed from the side), a takeoff on Leonardo DaVinci’s Virtruvian Man below:


Does anyone know someone capable of such work? If so, please send contact info to, and it would be much appreciated. Here’s a quick peek at the VERY rough draft of the website that will host a full version of the book for any interested readers:

Lastly, if anyone has any experiences – good or bad – in training with a HR/GPS monitor, and would like to include them in the book, please send them in to me. I have several, but would always like to include more if possible. Here is one great story for those who have missed it:

Now I leave you with a great testimonial I received last month from the harness world:

“I’ve started using the heart rate monitor and have had good results so far. I just trained a horse at V200 for a mile and a quarter this past Saturday and would like you to take a look. The horse is a 7 year old standardbred racehorse. I’ve been working him at the V200 level 3 days before racing, jogging in the aerobic/recovery range all other days of the week. He won his last start and looked really good in the stretch going off at odds 36/1.”

My goal with the book is to receive a few more dozen testimonials like this one, which would make for a great 2013!-


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  1. I hope you realize any artist would be breaking the law if they re-created the copyrighted character of Homer Simpson for a book cover.

    • Seriously? You think I wanted a copy of Homer Simpson on my cover for a book about horses? I think I need to learn to write more clearly – I want a Vitruvian Horse instead of a Vitruvian Homer. Sorry for the confusion.

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