One Million Dollars! Yeah, baby!

Thoroedge finally broke the landmark earnings barrier over the weekend, with 3 weeks to spare before the close of the meet at our most profitable track. To date:

182 starts: 37 wins, 43 seconds, 36 thirds
Graded stakes: 9 starts: 1 win, 1 place
$1,081,646 in purses
20% win percentage
64% in the money

Not bad at all, and next year we hope to double this number, but if things go right in Dubai we may hit that 2013 goal before the end of March.

The easiest product/service to track performance on is the STORM product. I have spent quite a bit of time collecting the data, and I hope to have a professional handicapper complete a report next month to determine if adding STORM to a racehorse’s diet impacts performance in a statistically significant manner. Here’s a snapshot of some data from one trainer who has ALL his stock on the product throughout 2012:

Performance at one highly competitive track:

2012: 20% wins, 56% in the money – $6,099 per start
2011: 10% wins, 44% in the money – $5,191 per start

Analysis not yet complete, but roughly 75% of the same horses were included in this sample from the past 2 years. The top performer is a $12,500 claimer with 2 allowance wins and $144,083 in earnings thus far, with hopefully one more run in him before the end of the year. Starts per horse has also risen considerably – data to follow. Should the data pass the muster statistically, I am going to knock on the doors of every top notch owner/trainer in Kentucky before the end of January 2013.

I had but one harness horse on the product, an oft-injured 9yo pacer, here is his 2012 tally:

18 starts: 2 wins, 4 places, 8 shows – $142,580 in purses earned

14/18 in the money sounds pretty good to me in the pacer/trotter world – additional analysis to follow as more data is gathered. I don’t believe he was able to make more than a few starts in 2011 due to injury. Anyone know where I can access US/Canadian harness statistics online, for free? I get the TB stuff at Equibase, but cannot find a similar resource for trotters and pacers. A couple of Arabians were also on STORM this season.

I don’t believe there is a single product on the market that tracks winners and losers like I do with STORM. Everyone has something to sell that comes with testimonials claiming its golden for race performance, but that is one small piece of the puzzle. One has to include the legions of losers in order to complete the picture.

I am not a supplement salesman. I don’t have to sell anything as I earn a nice living providing HR/GPS services. But if I find a product that unequivocally improves thoroughbred performance, I am going to tell the world about it in hopes of gaining some new clients. I have a new product in the works for 2013 that should jibe nicely with the STORM, but testing is still ongoing. Stay tuned!


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  1. Good evening,

    You have been very outspoken about your support for STORM.  May I ask…are you a paid representative of this company or do you have any financial interest in this product.  Perhaps you have somewhere made such a disclosure about your involvement elsewhere that I missed? I find it very unsusual that your emphasis in your articles over these past months has seemed to shift from conditioning techniques to the wonders of STORM.

    Thank you,




    • EDIT: I also extol the virtues of the Niagara Equissage system at, yet I have ZERO financial interest in that product. I simply find that it helps performance, using my objective HR/GPS/blood lactate analysis tools on the farm.


      I’m a distributor of STORM Murray, I thought that was clear on the blog. I have had a larger than normal emphasis on the product this year because its taken up so much of my work and has produced favorable results. I hyped HR/GPS gear and conditioning for 4 years, but many prefer the easy way – as in: ‘what can I feed to win races’? More bang for the buck, you might say.

      Important to note: I blogged 100+ times before ever mentioning a specific product such as STORM. During that period I tested 7 other supplements, none of which proved to me to be worth my money. Therefore I never recommended them to others. Too much of my HR/GPS work is cloaked under confidentiality agreements therefore I cannot blog about those success stories.

      My job is to help people win races. If I find a product or service that achieves that end, you can bet I will make the investment in time and money to become involved.

      Coming up with regards to conditioning: Hong Kong trainers breeze their horses every 3 days on average, don’t use Lasix or Bute, and (like Australia) have breakdown rates that are MUCH lower than those in the US.

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