See Racing Around the World

GG Racing Tours out of Australia is scheduling 3 horsemen’s tours in 2013: here at the Kentucky Derby in April/May, Europe in June/July, and Paris for the Arc in October.
Please see the following link if you are interested in more details:

I understand the tours are to leave from Australia; but judging from the above chart of Thoroedge web visitors from October 2012; there are readers in many countries who may like to meet up with the group and show them around locally – as I will do here in Louisville/Lexington next April. Below Jamaica on the chart there are another 103 countries that I couldn’t fit on the image, ending with a single visitor from Botswana that makes 131 countries in all visiting the blog in the last 30 days, out of a generally accepted number of 196 countries in the world. Amazing thing, this internet.

A celebrity member of the tour group coming here to Kentucky will be Joe Janiak, the famous Aussie taxi driver who purchased this gelding for the princely sum of $1375, and proceeded to earn over $6 million worldwide. Does anyone know where I can get this book,other than for $123 on Amazon?

On a side note, the journey of Takeover Target and Mr. Janiak fascinates me due to the quantification of the horse’s world-class athleticism by an early version of the Etrakka HR/GPS application developed by Mr. Andrew Stuart:

I am finally doing some nice work with this device here in the US and abroad, so watch this space for developments over the next several months. As a matter of fact, here’s one to watch racing at Woodbine in 5 hours – a former $12,500 claim winning at the $60k allowance level and finishing up a brilliant 2012 season with 8 starts: 3 wins, 1 place, 2 shows and $106,767 in earnings. STORM home Gentleman Jackson!-

Lastly (but certainly not least), my wife is a wonderful fiction author and I must congratulate her on recently signing with a top NYC literary agency! If romance, mystery, and a touch of the paranormal is your thing – you can buy or sample any of her 11 novels here:

In the real world, I am the proverbial cheap claimer who was lucky enough to marry a graded stakes winner-


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  1. I noted on Amazon you can get the book from a specialty seller for a best price of $123.00 not cheap.

    • Last time I sent this request I was lucky enough to find an Irishman who scanned and mailed a few tough to find books off his bookshelf, can I get that lucky again?

  2. now we know who is writing these posts!

    • After watching her write 11 complete 70 thousand word novels, I figured I could at least do one non-fiction book on equine conditioning, right? 11 months later it still lays unfinished.

      I tell people this story all the time: she wrote for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, FOR 4 YEARS – before she ever made a single dime off her writing. Amazing thing to witness. During those 4 years she also had her work rejected by agents and publishers nearly 500 times, yet never got discouraged.

  3. I hope some readers caught the Gentleman Jackson triumph, here is the link to the replay:

    He’s set to become the spokeshorse for STORM: $12.5k claim, 2 allowance wins and $150k in 2012 earnings, with at least one more start in him before WO closes in December.

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