BC2012: Take West Coasters on Dirt, Euros on Turf

‘The Best is Yet to Come’ indeed – but not for the US east coast based stars.

How’s that for simple? No pace figures, no pedigree, no Thorographs or Ragozin Sheets, just look at the conditioning patterns of the trainers and head to the windows.

That being said, the East Coast ‘conditioned’ horses will likely win the big jewel on Friday, The 9F Ladies Classic, because only one West Coast trained entry is present: Include me Out under the tutelage of Ron Ellis. So this highlight race is sadly a ‘toss’ for me. I do expect Royal Delta to bounce off her recent Belmont romp however.

Blog readers will know my affinity for west coast conditioning with multiple 6F works in the past performances. This year Baffert, O’Neill, and a few other have sent these horses across the country to dominate the Triple Crown season: https://thoroedge.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/2012-haskell-round-4-of-east-coast-vs-west-coast-conditioning/

I hate the fact no Euro ever has any recorded work in the form, but I know from personal experience how they condition their turfers across the pond, and it’s an advantage over here on the grass even though it’s quite a long ship. To the details:

Race 4 – 6F Juvenile Dirt Sprint:

WEST: South Floyd, Super Ninety Nine, Hazardous, Merit Man
EAST: Hightail, Sweet Shirley Mae
EURO: Ceiling Kitty – who I believe is on STORM: www.thoroedge.wordpress.com/storm

Race 5 – 14F Dirt Marathon

WEST: Balladry, Jaycito, Romp, Worth Repeating
EAST: Atigun, Grassy, Not Abroad, Eldaafer, Commander, Juniper Pass
EURO: Fame and Glory, Calidoscopio, Almudena, Sense of Purpose

Race 6 – Turf Mile

EURO: Sky Lantern, Flotilla, Waterway Run, The Gold Cheongsam, Infanta Branca(AE)
WEST: Flashy Ways, Moulin de Mougin(AE)
EAST: Kitten’s Point, Summer of Fun, Spring Venture, Watsdachances, Oscar Party, Tara from the Cape, Nancy O, Moonwalk, Sustained

Race 7 – Juvenile 8.5F

WEST: Beholder, Executive Privilege, Renee’s Queen
EURO: none
EAST: Spring in the Air, Dreaming of Julia, Almost an Angel, Broken Spell, Kauai Katie

Race 8 – BC Turf Mile

EURO: The Fugue, Up, Nahrain, Ridasiyna, I’m a Dreamer
WEST: Star Billing, Stormy Lucy, Nereid, Lady of Shamrock
EAST: Zagora, Marketing Mix, In Lingerie

Some new readers may wonder, What is the difference between west coast and east coast trained horses?
It’s all in the conditioning: https://thoroedge.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/why-do-west-coast-horses-breeze-further-than-those-on-the-east-coast/

This advantage was blunted the past Breeders Cup races at SA because of the synthetic surface – and the Euros dominated, with the exception of Zenyatta.

Sorry for only getting to the ladies races on Friday, but I threw out my back this week and the pain pills are severely hampering my ability to think and type – I may have to name my next yearling Tramadol.

After a brief time out I do find the energy to post about the boys on Saturday:

Race 4 – Juvenile Turf

EURO: Artigiano, George Vancouver, Fantastic Moon, Dundonnell, Lines of Battle, Rising Legend(AE)
WEST: Dry Summer, Know More
EAST: Summit County, Gervinho, Brown Almighty, Balance the Books, Noble Tune, Joha, I’m Boundtoscore

Race 5 – Dirt Sprint

WEST: Teddy’s Promise, Rumor, Switch
EURO: none
EAST: rest of the field

Race 6 – BC Dirt Mile

WEST: Rail Trip, John Scott, Fed Biz
EURO: none
EAST: rest of the field, including Shackleford

Race 7 – BC Turf Sprint

EURO: Starspangledbanner
WEST: California Flag, Camp Victory, Tale of a Champion, Reneesgotzip, Mizdirection, Chosen Miracle, Starspangled Heat(AE)
EAST: Great Mills, Next Question, Upgrade, Great Attack, Bridgetown, Corporate Jungle, Unbridled’s Note, Global Power(AE)

Race 8 – BC Juvenile

WEST: Title Contender, Speak Logistics, He’s Had Enough, Monument, Capo Bastone, Power Broker
EURO: none
EAST: Shanghai Bobby, Dynamic Sky, Fortify

Race 9 – BC Turf 10F

EURO: St. Nicholas Abbey, Treasure Beach, Shareta
WEST: Cogito
EAST: Kindergarten Kid, Point of Entry, Turbo Compressor, Little Mike, Dullahan, Optimizer, Slim Shadey, Trailblazer

Race 10 – BC Dirt Sprint

WEST: Jimmy Creed, Coil, Fast Bullet, Capital Account, Smiling Tiger, Amazombie, Boxer de Rues
EURO: none
EAST: Sum of the Parts, Gantry, Justin Phillip, The Lumber Guy, Trinniberg, Hamazing Destiny, Poseidon’s Warrior

Race 11 – BC Turf Mile

EURO: Excelebration, Moonlight Cloud
WEST: Mr. Commons, Obviously, Jeranimo, Suggestive Boy
EAST: Wise Dan, Animal Kingdom, Willcox Inn

Race 12 – BC Classic 12F

WEST: Game on Dude, Handsome Mike, Nonios, Richard’s Kid,
EURO: none
EAST: Pool Play, Flat Out, Alpha, Fort Larned, Brilliant Speed, Ron the Greek, Mucho Macho Man, To Honor and Serve

A few notes:

-Here I detail why Animal Kingdom will be roundly defeated, or run big and get hurt (again): https://thoroedge.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/animal-kingdom-in-the-2012-bc-its-not-the-bounce-to-fear/

-And here is an inside look at cold laser massage treatments that Hollendorfer’s two entries, Nonios and Chosen Miracle, have received the past few weeks: https://thoroedge.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/blind-luck-and-laserman-behind-the-scenes-at-delmar/ – the same guy was also behind longshot Dakota Phone’s triumph in the 2010 BC Dirt Mile at Churchill Downs

-Wise Dan could be the anomaly for the weekend, as he trains off track here in Lexington quite a bit; Euro style over some rolling bluegrass hills. Plus he just may be too good, and the Euro bookmakers rank him just a tad behind Frankel.


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  1. Whats with the Tramadol ad?

    • It was a joke – that’s what I am taking to ease my slipped disc pain. Not a paid sponsor by any means! But I guess I best clarify in this space or 7 horses may go to post with it in their bloodstreams tomorrow.

      I’d be a late scratch if I was entered at SA – along with real life Thursday scratches Sustained, Worth Repeating, and Super Ninety Nine.

      • Where and how bad is the pain from slipped disc and how many times has it happened Have you had an mri

  2. Down near my tailbone, about where my belt goes, has been a problem for 20+ years. All is fine with pain meds, usually subsides in 2-3 weeks. Chiropractic has been OK, but the cold laser treatment seems to work best – the same laser that my friend Steve uses on horses for Jerry Hollendorfer.

    Combination of lordosis and bad posture, part nature and part my fault.

    Thus far: big upset in Race 4 on Friday, but my Euro/turf and West Coast/dirt plays are 3-3 since then as of 6:32pm Kentucky time…

  3. Great Hot (Brz) in R5 on Saturday seems to be based on the west coast.

  4. Barry Roberts (New Zealand)

    Could be Ok Bill, Tramadol can give you a split personality, which should enable you to get twice as much done ! 🙂
    Tramadol also has some crazy side effects. – From one who has taken it for a Hip Replacement Pain and who is a Pharmacist, I have experienced the effects myself. You may end up believing East Coast Trained horses are better conditioned.so be careful! 🙂 – All in good fun. You take care.

    Best Wishes.

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