Lasix? She Don’t Need No Stinking Lasix

#1 in the above screenshot missed the break completely, spotted the field a full 5 lengths in her first career start – then flew past all of them to win by 5+ lengths at Mountaineer last week on an off track, in hand. And she did so without Lasix.

Watch it here:

What you don’t see in the replay is that this 2yo filly also broke away from the lead pony and completed a vigorous warmup, knocking off a solid 15sec furlong roughly 7min before loading into the gate for this 6F effort. Congrats to the connections for the courage to race this promising daughter of Bernstein drug free first time out, as well as expending the extra effort to have her psychologically ready for the extensive warm up.

It’s not every day you see a youngster have a legitimate excuse (bad break) and not need to use it – a perfect example of the successful marriage of external and internal horsemanship.

While I applaud the efforts of the newly formed Water/Hay/Oats Alliance for their stated goal to race 2yo without Lasix and Bute – I implore them to do something different in order to get back some of the advantage they are losing by giving up 30lbs of water weight to others in the field. Here are some suggestions:

1. Warm up like #1 did before the above race

2. Blowout your 2yo a day before the race, a Carl Nafzger/Rick Dutrow favorite:

3. Get STORM


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  1. Lori Lange R.Ph.

    I have seen some of these owners horses racing on Lasix. If you really believe that horses dont need any pharmacologic, herbal, removal of shoes, or change in type of drug- thats your issue as an owner of the horse.
    Dont use hard earned taxpayer dollars to fund politicians to enact laws to police your trainers.Why should politicians police the backstretch.There are many others medicines that could replace Salix.If you dont want your horse on meducation tell your trainer and keep paying your bills.

  2. Dear Lori,
    You make no sense.

  3. Dear Lori,

    You are basically saying that welfare and welbeing of race horses shouldn’t be regulated by government. This means we should carry on with practices that don’t fit in an international and ethical view, as it should be in this era. American horse racing is conducted in a medieval way.

    Please rethink you’re thoughts, because opinions like these devestate our magnificent sport.

    • Lori Lange R.Ph.

      Bart, There are many medications other than Lasix that can do the same thing. Horses ran before Lasix was even invented in the early age of pharmaceutical manufacturing in America.-1940 era in US only Sulfa antibiotics to treat Human wounds.Now many horses get SMz-Tmp for little cuts. Pharmacetical manufacturing has saved thousands of human and animal lives.Drugs have a place, pharmacists protect human lives every day.Where are they for your horses medications? Why no lot numbers for vaccines guven to horses.For theses issues you must do it yourself.Vets are not physicians.Thats why they are VETS

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