Belmont MSW First Time Winner, No Lasix – Old Methods

That is (an old pic of) James Jerkens, son of the great Allen Jerkens, who currently is based in New York and recently sent Resonating to post without the crutch of Lasix. Now there are several horses running without Lasix on any given day, but few at the top levels such as Belmont, few who win first time out, and few who significantly alter their conditioning to improve their chances without the diuretic. So, I thought the circa 1990? pic of Mr. Jerkens was appropriate due to his old-school methods.

Just the Facts:

Resonating – 3yo filly
5/4/12 – Belmont Park – MSW $70k – 6F over a muddy track
Comes home a winner by 4.75 lengths, gearing down over the final 70 yards


Track                  Date                 Course               Distance   Time        Note          Rank
Belmont Park  5/24/2012  Dirt training     7F               1:28.27   Breezing  1/1
Belmont Park  5/1/2012     Dirt training     4F               50.10       Breezing  1/3
Belmont Park  4/26/2012  Dirt training     6F               1:15.23    Breezing  1/1
Belmont Park  4/20/2012  Dirt                      4F               48.46       Breezing  5/25
Belmont Park  4/13/2012   Dirt                      5F               1:02.16   Breezing  5/6
Belmont Park  4/1/2012      Dirt training     5F              1:00.13   Breezing 1/21

1. Breezes the full race distance, 6F, prior to his debut

2. Blows out the filly with a 4F effort 3 days prior to post

3. Comes out so soundly that the first post-race work is 7F – probably going to stretch her out next time

Add this one to your watch list folks, it feels like 1950 again!



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  1. Hi Bill,

    re Belmont Park4/1/2012Dirt training5F1:00.13Breezing1/21

    What does the “Breezing1/21” mean?

    Did the horse go 5F in 1:00, including a final furlong sprint?



  2. 5 furlongs 1 minute 00-13 seconds 1/21 means that time ranks 1 of the 21 who worked the distance that morning I THINK

    • Correct, that is the ranking of all who went that far in the morning. And the timing is really all sprint, or 95% of sprint typically, before the clock starts is typically a gallop in the range of 15-18 sec/f for several strides. And, some horses even gallop out past the recorded distance another few furlongs in 13-15 sec.

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