Blind Luck and Laserman; Behind the Scenes at DelMar

I am lucky enough to be acquainted with a member of the team behind one of my favorite ‘rags to riches’ stories, the recently retired Blind Luck.  This champion mare earned over $3 million on the track after starting her career as an $11,000 yearling purchase. See the video clip above featuring Blind Luck on the backside at Del Mar, along with her groom Cesar and Steve Bourmas – The Laserman.

Steve is the foremost expert on photobiostimulation massage in both the thoroughbred and standardbred worlds. This unique therapy uses a Class IV cold laser (retail price – $30k) in order to facilitate healing from the cellular level – as the specific light frequency tells each cell to produce more ATP/energy, thereby increasing cellular metabolism. Steve’s story is unique in that he began working with professional athletes in Chicago, primarily the NFL’s Bears and NBA’s Bulls, before moving onto horses.

Some of his accomplishments, other than those with Blind Luck, include:

  • World Record 2-year-old trotter—Manofmanymissions
  • 3-year-old pacer with a final quarter in a world record 24 seconds—Iam Bonasera
  • 4 individual track records—Standardbred
  • Breeders’ Cup Win—Dakota Phone
  • Kentucky Derby Prep Stakes Win—Indian Winter

My favorite part of the video clip is from the 2:42-3:05 mark where Steve, after several minutes of therapy to warm up the muscles, stretches out the front legs of this great mare – safely increasing range of motion in an effort to improve stride efficiency/length. I’ve personally witnessed Steve spend well over an hour in a single session with a horse, moving over the entire body while pinpointing and treating problem areas.

There will be much more about Steve and his work in my upcoming book: ‘Internal Horsemanship’. Slated for e-release in March, and paperback in April – here is a sneak preview of the cover which is about 85% ready for printing:


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  1. My friend is a doctor who specialises in Laser Therapy. I just sent him a link to this post. I can see him sneaking his horses into the surgery after hours now.

  2. Phillip Haycock

    The cover of your book has my heart thumping

    • Great to see that Steve is finally getting the press. I had the pleasure to work with him and I have to say HE is an expert at photobiostimulation. Good luck in the future Steve!

  3. I am really looking forward to this book.

  4. Great artwork bill ,I am looking forward to the release of the book.

  5. Bill, has your ebook been realeased yet?

  6. Is there an ETA for the book?

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