Toby’s Corner off the Trail: Didn’t We See this Coming?

After the Wood Memorial, trainer Graham Motion said that Toby’s Corner came out of the Wood a bit tired – “he’s been laying down all morning.”

Let’s see, Toby ran a fast 9F for the first time in his young life just 3 weeks ago, and needed a spatula to scrape himself off his stall floor the next morning, just like a fried egg.

The traditional horseman says: “Oh he’s a smart colt, he knows he needs his rest.”

That’s crap. I say: “That 9F effort took so much out of him he can’t possibly be ready for an optimal 10F effort just 21 days later.”

Simply running  a winning 9F in 1:48 is not fitness; doing it and coming out of the effort stronger is the true meaning of fitness. Are you really fit for the task if the next morning you cannot get out of bed?

Both an overweight 40 year old soccer mom and Lou Ferrigno can lift a car off of their kid if necessary due to adrenaline – but one will be hard pressed to do it again in 3 weeks.

Despite breezing 6F at Fair Hill this week to universal praise, Toby is now on his way to the New Bolton Center instead of Churchill Downs, I wish the best of luck to his connections, but I, for one, cannot say I am shocked this morning at the news.


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  1. God bless Graham Motion for finding this problem after a 6F work. Many other trainers would have worked the traditional 4F and may have missed the boat. Still others would have two minute licked and skipped breezes altogether (Jeff Mullins comes to mind with I Want Revenge).

    We are all lucky this problem was discovered Tuesday morning instead of during the 10th furlong Saturday afternoon in front of 40 million witnesses worldwide.

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